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Freight Forwarders &  Custom Agents

Nadal Forwarding, S.L.

 International Transportation and Logistic Operators

We are Freight Forwarders, Logistic Operators, And Custom Agents. Our business is Transport and International Logistics.

We are a company with more than 35 years continued presence in the market. Being aware of the challanges of the present and future, we hope to consolidate our leadership position in the sector. Conscious of the globalization of our business and the new services our clients demand, we put at your disposal this new working tool and if already a client, to integrate it in a high quality World Service of Tracking and tracing.

Being close to the client, customized service and applying new technologies are the basis of our business. All of this is guaranteed by Recognised Certificates and membership of associations that fulfill quality standards demanded by our clients.

Always willing to listen, we are at your disposal for any suggestions you would like to make.

Hoping it is to your liking and usefulness.


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Nadal Forwarding obtains the highest rating of ESG Rating, an innovative methodology of analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility developed by the University of Barcelona 
by Nadal WebMaster
 7/1/2019 4:52 PM


On Wednesday 26 June Nadal Forwarding received the highest rating of the ESG Rating scale, at the event held at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona, organized by the Center for Research in Economics and...

Turkey: Mandatory Certificate of Origin for Goods entitled to tariff reduction accompanied by the ATR-1 
by Nadal WebMaster
 6/14/2019 2:55 PM


Since the end of May there is a new regulation for exports to Turkey, this establishes the obligation to submit the Certificate of Origin of all goods eligible for tariff benefit, accompanied by the corresponding document ATR-1.


Nadal Forwarding will be the Main Sponsor of the Catalan Selection of Frontenis 
by Nadal WebMaster
 6/6/2019 5:07 PM


Nadal Forwarding will be the Main Sponsor of the Catalan Selection of frontenis in all its modalities, fruit of the agreement of collaboration between Mr.Agustí Brugues, President of the F.C. Frontenis and Mr.Jordi Nadal founder and President...

Sustainable Logistics + Corporate Social Responsibility 
by Nadal WebMaster
 5/15/2019 11:20 AM


One more year from Nadal Forwarding we reiterate our firm commitment to the environment, sustainability and conservation of the planet.


All the logistic solutions and services that we offer since 1979, incorporate in their procedure...

The Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Japan 
by Nadal WebMaster
 2/6/2019 3:57 PM


Since 1 February, the new Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Japan has been in force, in which we highlight the progressive reduction or elimination of tariff barriers for EU companies exporting to Japan.

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